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AvorSync - Synchronization and BackUp

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AvorSync GB

AvorSync - Synchronization and BackUp

A backup and synchronization program. Thus you secure your work quickly and efficiently.
(Price per computer and user. No license fees.)

19.00 CHF(VAT incl.) Add
For PC from Windows 7 or higher.

Secure your work with AvorSync on a drive, server or USB stick.

PC shutdown function
With AvorSync, you can start the backup or synchronization shortly before the end of the working day. No matter how long the synchronization takes. If you turn on the power off function, AvorSync will process the job list and turn off the computer at the end.

Start & Go Home
• Switch off function Switch on
Selecting jobs in the synchronization list
Press the Synchronize button.
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Data backup has never been so convenient. In this way, you are 100% sure that the synchronization is actually taking place. You don't have to rely on the automatic backup of the server whose activities you can't necessarily see.

The BackUp is saved as a ZIP file. If desired, you can assign a password to the ZIP file. You can freely select the location of the BackUp in the Setup window. The BackUp is automatically saved with the synchronization name, date and time in the file name. To save disk space on your computer, you can specify how many backups you want to save under the corresponding synchronization name.

The synchronization copies all new or newer files from the source folder to the destination folder. *.BAK - *.TMP and *.DB files can be excluded.

Backup & Synchronization - Automation
You can specify different times at which the job is to be executed during synchronization and backups. Of course, you can also install AvorSync on a server and perform automatic synchronizations. However, it is advisable to check the synchronizations performed at short intervals. You can easily check this in the synchronization list in the Timestamp column.

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